Course Detail


1.Introduction to Web Sites and Design Fundamentals

Introduction to Server Side and Client Side Scripting

Web Page Designing using HTML and JavaScript

Managing IIS

2. Managing Web Forms

Creating Web Forms Application

Server and HTML Controls

3. State Management

Managing Session and Application

View State ,Query Strings and Cookies

4. Configuring and Deploying Web Applications

Configure Forms Authentication

Windows Authentication and Impersonation

Configuring Session State

Publish Web Applicatons

Manage Login Controls

Create Web Setup Project

Using Copy Web Tool

5. Consuming and Creating Server Controls

Consume Standard Controls

Implement Client-Side Validation and Server-Side Validation

Implement Data-Bound Controls

Create and Consume Custom Controls

Create and Consume Web User Controls

6. Working with Data and Services

Read and Write XML Data.

Manipulate Data by Using DataSet and DataReader Objects.

Implement Data-Source Controls.

Introduction to WCF.

Building WCF Service.

Building WCF Client Application.

Create and Consume WebServices.

7. Programming Web Applications

Themes and Skins

Master Pages and Content Pages

Manage Web Parts

Using Style Sheets

Manage Site Navigation

Using Site Map Control

Sending E-Mails and Manage Attachments


LINQ to DataSet




Introduction to AJAX

Basic Asp.Net Ajax Controls

Implement Webforms by using Asp.Net Ajax